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LOD Designs:


The following designs are just some examples of LOD's previous experience.  LOD provides procurement on the optical lenses (off-shelf and custom), and if needed, opto-mechanical and electrical designs.  We are partners with North Pointe Associates mechanical consulting company to provide high quality opto-mechanical designs. 

High power LEDs and laser diodes are becoming more prevalent in medical, military and commercial lighting industries.  LOD uses Precision Circuit as well as Devin and Alyssa Todd for all electrical designs.

LOD uses one of the most advanced optical design program on the market, Zemax. This program allows for multiple capabilities including geometrical ray-tracing/optical aberration analyses, CAD import ray-tracing, and physical optics propagation used  for physical optics diffraction analysis.


LOD is in the process of updating its webpage; this is the Omnis page and the re-direct is the Wix page.  Please provide any comments on which page you like, Omnis or WiX at cs-is@loganopticaldesigns.com.

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